New sketchbook

I’ve got a new sketchbook, a real nice one, sewn and bound in cloth. It has lovely 130 gsm paper, off-white with just the right tooth. I was looking at Moleskines for a long time, would pick them up and put them back down… Beautiful and desirable as they are, the paper in them is too smooth for me. One day, when I will get over my fear of pen and ink, I will get a Moleskine.

In the meantime two sketches in my new Artist’s HandBook from Blick. Did I mention that the paper in it is lovely?

teapot personalities 9-5-09 1

teapot personalities

2 of my collection of Asian teapots. Don’t they look just like a man and a woman going to the market, she dragging him along? 3B pencil.

Are you talking to me 9-6-09 1

Are you talking to me?

This was actually a disaster. I was trying to practice drawing eyes and a mouth from a photo of a baby I found. When I was done the eyes looked much older than baby’s eyes, so I had to adjust the mouth to look older as well because I couldn’t change the eyes. This girl obviously wanted to come out, and she did. Somewhat Manga like I guess.

3B pencil in Artist Handbook.


One thought on “New sketchbook

  1. i’ve always wondered about those sketchbooks; i love the fact they have lots of different sizes. The moleskines are too smooth, for sure. I use the watercolour moleskine though, because i like to add watercolour, but never could get into the regular one; i might try one of those though for ink and watercolour, see how i like it.

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