Watercolor pencils story

I’ve been playing with WC pencils.

My WC pencils are unique, one-of-the-kind set. They have traveled around the world, well… almost. Several years ago I bought a set of 60 Stabilo Aquatico pencils as a present for my dad. They flew with me on a Boing 777 over the ocean to get to him. He admired them greatly, never had WC pencils before. A few years passed. My dad never touched the pencils. He paints in acrylic. The little WC brush from the set disappeared, must have migrated to dad’s jar of brushes. “Do you want them?” – he asked when I came to visit this summer. – “They must be fun…” I wanted them. They boarded another Boing 777 with me and came back to US. Thanks, dad!

I finally decided to try them. Having no idea what I was doing, I made two sketches. Both on a totally inappropriate paper that buckled, with a totally inappropriate brush.

Landscape 9-10-09

A generic landscape to try colors… Sharpie and WC pencils, 30 minutes.

Wall-E 9-11-09

And Wall-E! A little pick-me-up for my daughter, who just had her wisdom teeth removed, poor thing. New Micron pen and WC pencils, 30 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Watercolor pencils story

  1. Hello, Alex! This is great! I love your face that started out as a baby and ended up as a girl, that is beautiful! I love the fact that it fills the frame in a way you don’t usually see.

    Keep up the good work, and I will keep watching.

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