Café Ennui

From Cafe Ennui

From Café Ennui

But I was not at all bored. My friend Mike and I got together for coffee and sketching in this dear neighborhood joint. Not trendy or snazzy, it is more of a cheap student place, old-fashioned, a little dumpy and in need of fresh paint, but serving good coffee and free Internet.

From my street level window, looking up, I saw an abandoned patio, now empty and closed for the coming winter. The café is on a garden level, so I had to look up at chairs turned in and a convenience shop across the street. The day was gray and blustery, I was looking for shadows to draw, but there were none, because there was no sun. Winter is coming…

Mechanical pencil, micron pen, watercolor pencils in my Artist’s HandBook.


4 thoughts on “Café Ennui

    • Thanks, Barbara! I actually don’t like the sketch, I think it is childish. But I like that I learned something from it. Perspective for these leaned over chairs was tricky, I really had to draw what I saw and not what my brain was telling me I ought to see. Funny how that it!

      I tried the Russian watercolors, but I only made a color chart of them so far. They are really saturated, much more so than Cotman ones my dad also sent. I had a free pass to the Art Institute for a week, so I was drawing there and not playing with watercolors at home.

  1. Hi, Alex. I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I like the green house you have drawn in when you had a walk to the post office. And I like all your pencil drawings. It`s a really nice situation that you have joined to a sketch group. So much fun!!. I ahave no idea of watercolors but I will try them sometime.

    Good work on the drawing you are doing by now.


    • Hi Luicre! So nice of you to visit and comment! I am very interested in watercolors and am trying to learn from books. My dad sent me his pigments, I have checked a whole stack of books from a library… Now I need to get my courage and paint something, even if it comes out bad, it will still be a first step. I will soon!

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