“Like a rolling stone”

Like a rolling stone

Like a rolling stone

New portrait is complete.  I probably spent 30 or 40 hours on it, but that’s over the course of 4 weeks.  I don’t know who the guy is, the original photo is by amazingly talented Christine Lebrasseur. I had Bob Dylan continuously sounding in my head while I was drawing, and therefor the title is “Like a rolling stone.” My fellow graphite artists from WetCanvas! Drawing & Sketching forum have helped me tremendously by giving constructive critique in the most gentle and useful way.

3H-6B pencils on Stonehenge paper, size 6.25″ square.


12 thoughts on ““Like a rolling stone”

    • Thank you, Christy! It was quite a ride drawing him. The drawing looked good in the beginning, then promptly entered the “ugly state” and remained there almost till the end. For the longest time it was unclear whether it would come out at all. I am glad I persevered.

  1. This is amazing!

    I can understand the 30-40 hours. (It’d probably take me a month to create anything close to this! :p) I can see you’ve put in such delicate – I’d even venture to say “loving” at the risk of sounding cheesy. Haha! But, hey, I paint too and know the feeling so well!

    Thank goodness for the “persevering” part. 😉 And for a fellow woolgatherer (Elizabeth Perry) where I found your site!

  2. Alex,
    Thanks a lot. It was really a pleasure to meet you yesterday. I’m glad you liked my blog. And I will definitely work on implementing your suggestions.

    BTW: I really like your portrait drawing here. As I mentioned, I’m working on a portrait myself, so I’m very interested in different styles.

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