Red Hat

Red Hat 11-13-09 web

Red Hat

According to my theory of predictable beginner subjects my next painting was supposed to be a building of some kind. No rule exists without exceptions, and so I created an exception. It is a human subject, and wearing a red hat at that.

The idea was to have color study exercise, a fast and sloppy wet-in-wet.  It was really dripping. All reds in my box are here, mixed into cools and warms. The sketch and preparing washes took about an hour. The painting – 20 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Red Hat

  1. I am really drawn to this Alex. I like your detail work and the fact you are striving for realism, it seems, but look at the ease with which this painting says everything. The pencil work is part of your painting in my book and all the preparation can be added to painting time. This is beautiful.

    • Good to “meet” you, Leslie! And thank you for your comment! You can see from my site I am trying to teach myself to draw and paint. Having a lot of fun. The Art Institute is a blessing in itself, but also because I am now studying watercolor with one of teachers from there. I am so pleased you liked this little sketch. Your work is fantastic, I am studying your colors and placements – what a wealth of ideas!

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