Feeling blue

Feeling blue

Feeling blue

This didn’t go according to plan, and I am disappointed with the result. In fact, I was debating whether I should post this at all. I was doing a step-by-step exercise from a book, followed all the steps, but my painting did not come out anywhere as nice as the one in the book. My main problem, as I see it, is perspective and shadows, he didn’t address that in the book, and I just added the shadows without much thought. Note to self – never add anything without much thought, you’ll live to regret it. I also think that my brushwork really sucks here and my color is dead.

On a positive side I learned what is takes to go really dark, attempted to paint glass for the first time and tried tube color – Holbein’s Indigo – my instructor shared hers. (Tube colors are something else! I am thinking about putting half a dozen tubes on my Christmas list.)


9 thoughts on “Feeling blue

    • Thank you! I am getting more positive comments on this little painting than I expected. Took it to my art group today and was told that I am my own worst critic. Congratulations on you being a featured Discovered Artist! This is great!

    • That’s what other people said too. I don’t agree. I like some of my work, I like as much as one half of it. I like all my woven work. But when something isn’t up to par, it just isn’t. The only difference is that when it is mine – I feel free to say so; when it is by another artist – then it depends on whether the artist asked for critique or not.

  1. It might help to let go a little, Alex. I think that you are trying too hard to make your drawings and paintings like a photograph. Achieve your darks by trying to add other colors to them while the paper is wet like you did the “Red Hat”. Tube colors are so much easier to work with and you’ll soon collect a variety of colors. I think this is a lovely painting and is downright wonderful for the short period of time you have watercolored. Paint like you drew the figures, telling yourself you are going to have fun. Set that aside and look at it for awhile…the painting will begin to tell you what you need to do to it next. Learn your technique from your tutor and come home and explore what you get from her. You are well on your way.

    • Thank you for your helpful suggestion, Leslie! I will keep this in mind. The trouble is that being so new to painting it is hard to figure out when to let go and when to tighten up and pay attention to details. I am sure it will become clearer with experience, I’ve been painting for a whole two months now :). I keep thinking about tube colors and can see how it would be easier to deal with them compared to pans, but my teacher says my paints are just fine for now, and besides they have a sentimental value for me – they are my dad’s. It pleases me so much to paint with my dad’s paints, so I will continue for a while longer.

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