Oh Jonah he lived in de whale

Red carp

And while it ain’t necessarily so, and this is not a whale but a giant red carp, I still had way too much fun painting it and singing along with Sportin’ Life while doing it.

9”x6” (22×17 cm) on Arches HP, Cotman pan colors.

In other art news, I “met” a wonderful watercolor artist Leslie White of LesliePaints. Unfortunately I only met her in blogosphere, not in person. But she is close enough, the next state over, perhaps one day… In the meantime, enjoy her colors and the way she works light in her paintings. I especially like her nudes.


10 thoughts on “Oh Jonah he lived in de whale

  1. Oh my! This is gorgeous! Did you carry the green wash of paint over his back to give this effect of him breeching the surface of the water? Is this a carp in Lake Michigan? I used to see them as a little girl (6 yrs old) when I went to fish with him off the Wilmette pier. They would swim around the pier and were such pretty colors. I didn’t like fishing though. Thank-you for the beautiful things you have said about me here, Alex. This painting ROCKS! More!

    • Oh, I am delighted you liked my fish! Fantastic! Coming from a WC teacher it means a lot to me! Yes, I pulled my green wash over the fish’s back to emulate water. And I also added some Cobalt Blue and Purple Lake to deepen the effect and make the body curve under water.
      I tried to make some water effects similar to Joseph Raffael, alas… I am not in the same league with him… yet! 😀
      The reference came from Wet Canvas RIL, it is not a lake Michigan carp. Are you a member at Wet Canvas?

    • Thank you so much, Barbara! It was fun painting it, especially the singing along part. I tried to pull off some Joseph Raffael water effects, but it seems I have some work to do in this area. Happy Holidays to you!

    • Casey, you are a doll, but I certainly have not mastered the medium. Far from it! I was going for ripples effect Joseph Raffael style and fell flat on my face. In fact, I’d appreciate some pointers on how to make the water more lively. Happy Holidays to you!

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