Local folklore

Sacred Book

Dancing Jew

Finally some sketches from Israel. It was hard to find an opportunity to upload and post sketches, but at last here are two. Just simple pencil studies of local folklore. Hopefully now that I got access to a computer, figured out how to scan images and downloaded GIMP to process them more sketches will come soon.

Hello and shalom to all my friends back home!


10 thoughts on “Local folklore

    • Hi, Leslie! Thank you for the comment! Come to think of it, the second dude does indeed make me think of the Fiddler on the roof. How silly of me not to realize it before you said it. Hopefully more will be coming soon :)!

  1. Well Hello and Shalom to you!

    Fantastic drawings. I hope you are enjoying your time in Israel and will send more drawings our way soon. (And maybe some pictures too?)

    • Hey, Carol! Good to see you! I love it here (with exception of the usual political mess 😦 ). At least this is not a full blown war as it was last time I was visiting. The weather, food and of course seeing my parents are totally great! I have a ton of photos, but am not sure they belong here – a blog of drawing and painting. Not sure what to do about it, perhaps Facebook?

    • Thank you for your comment and your prayers, Cindy. The world would sigh with relief when hostilities here would cease. I most certainly will be happy. They way thigns are now it looks like we all have to wait a while longer…

    • Thank you for stopping by, Linda! I have decided that while here I will spend my art time on things local to put the infusion of sensations and feelings to the best use. The light here is amazing as well – so different from what I have in the States in the north, I wish I was experieced enough to depict it on paper.

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