What is happiness? No-no, I am not going to digress into a philosophical discussion here, this is a prerogative of my dear husband who can address this question properly in his blog Empathy in the Context of Philosophy and do it justice. (This of course is a shameless plug – check it out if you dare :D!)

Reality is simple: happiness is a terrific haircut! Not in Paris, not even in cosmopolitan and fashionable Tel Aviv, but here in backwater Netanya, not even in its French populated downtown, but in the sleeping district Daniel Ayache, the winner of multiple L’Oreal competitions, makes magic with his comb and scissors.  Here’s the proof – my lovely daughter stepping out of his salon, laughing into the tropical sun with pure delight. That’s happiness! And amazingly happiness wasn’t even that expensive!


12 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. she’s beautiful and I can feel her happiness all the way in NY! I love how her head is thrown back and tilted a bit, with a beaming smile! Oh, and that red hair! Captivating.

    • She is indeed gorgeous! Thank you for the compliment, Carol! And this stylist was amazing! He looked at her, squinted for a second, and at that moment I knew that he had an image in his head. Which he then proceeded to implement. The sign of true artistry – to know we need to look our most best. And then to be able to make it so. Beats me what he is doing here in the little Israeli town. We want to take him back home with us :D.

    • Thank you, Linda! The scan sucks though :(… The real sketch has better skin tones and face modeling, but I wasn’t able to get that out even using GIMP for color corrections.

  2. me me me! you sorta have to look at it from underneath otherwise the glare (at least off my computer) doesnt show all the colors in the face. but i love it. no ones been able to draw my hair like that. i love you mama!

    • You are a great model, sweetheart! This is the first painting, and we’ll do many more :D! As I told Linda here – the scan is really bad, on paper the sketch is much better modeled and is not blurry. I will scan it again when I get back home, and we’ll have a better image then.

  3. This is great! Red Hair and happy! Even though the scan has made the image blurry, Alex, there is no losing the feel of the exuberance and happiness you captured in this piece.

    • Thank you, Leslie! I had a wonderful model which is great help and inspiration. I will have to re-scan the sketch when I get home and hopefully do better than this blurriness. I wanted to put the sketch up right away so that my daughter would see it :).

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