Yours truly …


Here it is – the first one. My teacher says it is a good practice to do at least one a year. For a fast sketch the likeness is reasonable. I hope people who know me will recognize this image.

Graphite, sketchbook

17 thoughts on “Yours truly …

  1. this does not look like you. but if i didnt know who it was supposed to be i’d really like it. very expressive.

    • Yes, the likeness is questionable, I am sorry to say. Some people see resemblance, but I will have to do better next time. You have a great eye, as always! I am pleased with the movement though.

  2. I am glad to meet you, Alex. I will be interested in seeing more self-portraiture. I have been trying to get brave enough to gather up my self portraits and put them on a separate page on my blog. Love the drawing! You will have so many phases of you in the coming years!

    • I am glad to be met, my friend :D!!! I was thinking of you when I posted this sketch. I was lucky enough when I originally met you that you already had a self-portrait posted on your blog, so I had a good idea whom I am talking to. Carol has an avatar, Ryan – a photo, and so on… Mine was long overdue. With that in mind I risked showing my face for my blog friends even though the likeness is not that great. Still… I look somewhat like that.

      I think making a page of self-portraits is a great idea!!! What a treat for the eye and at the same time a learning tool of self observation and progression of one’s skill and style. Invaluable help for those who study portraiture. I hope you will go through with this page!

  3. Well, looky here! We finally get to see Alex! Or at least one version of her.

    I like your self-portrait and good for you for posting it. I only posted one and I looked angry. I like that you did yourself from a side view.

    So, what do I now know about you? You’re thin and you have great hair! : )

    • And don’t forget – talented! And modest! 😀 😀 😀

      The hair however needs a disclosure. I just had a fantastical haircut by Daniel, about whom I posted in the post Happiness. I then had some photos taken so that my Chicago stylist would see the results, that is in hope that she could do something similar. This sketch is from one of these photos, hair straight from the master. Left to my own devices I can never achieve anything remotely close :(…

  4. As someone who has known you for years, but has not has the pleasure of your company for the last two of them. All I can say is: When did you start to let your hair grow so long?

    • Hi, Tom! If I remember correctly when you moved to NZ I wore my hair long and in a bun, right? This is a fresh cut I just got, had photographed and then sketched. It is really very short, but styled a bit poofy for the moment. I am back to pixie style.

  5. Yes there was the bun. However that pulled it back tight so there was no “poof.”

    Glad to hear you are back to the look I know and love.



  6. (Just came here from WC, can’t say I’ve been very active on the famous Blogosphere as of late, though)

    If at least one a year is good practice, is my average of about 5 a year VERY good practice? 😀

    This is a charming sketch, although I can’t say if it looks like you or not since I’ve never seen a side view of you (I assume the Alex Zonis on the Mostlyglass website is you).
    I like the shapes in the hair, they are sketchy yet still read as the distinct hairstyle.

    • Hey Sam! Good to talk to you again after a break! Blogging is definitely not for everyone, I can see how it may become stale a bit, no sweat. Glad you like the sketch! It looks somewhat like me, and yes – Alex Zonis on the MostlyGlass is my photo along with my weavings. But it is an old hair style there, I wore my hair natural and curly back then when the photo was taken.

      Keep doing self-portraits, it is a great way to look into the self as well as art practice. Where can you find a more willing and available model :D? Your self-portaits are yet another inspiration for me, I am really grateful to have met you. My art life would have been so much more limited without seeing what you are doing and getting ideas from you.

      • To be honest, it’s mostly just laziness that kept me from posting rather than staleness of it, hehe. That and dealing with this year’s upcoming college stuff (Triple major in Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry with a double minor in History/Spanish? You bet, with a loud GACK! and UGH! Given its potential to make some pocket money, I am VERY glad I’ve spent time on art.)

        I really appreciate the good things you’ve said about me, and I might add this snippet to your bit about models.

        A good model and a fast friend are both easily obtained by shooting off an email to someone with just four words:
        “I wanna draw you.”

          • Ah, cool! Two different blogs! I can see how stuff is much better organized this way. Of course, there is the other side of the coin – you now have two blogs to maintain big grin. I like the titles too!

            I am very impressed with your college plans, you are very talented, indeed a Renaissance man in training!

            Telling people that I want to draw them does not work very well on my end. As a result of not knowing what I am doing, I am very slow and hesitant. So I do not want to impose on people’s time, it may take me hours, who has this kind of time to donate… But I have found drop-in life drawing sessions here in Chicago and have been working there. For $10 I have a real model to draw for three hours, gotta love it Thumbs up.

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