Blue Angels

Blue Angels

The first day and the first sketch of The Sketchbook Project 2011 which is run by Art House Co-op, Brooklyn New York. A grand thank you to Carol King of Carol King: Painting, Drawing, Complaining who turned me on to this. This is going to be a lot of fun. And in the end my sketchbook is going on a tour and will be shown in several cities to be viewed by people. Is it possible to have more fun than this? Please don’t answer this, it was a rhetorical question.

I chose a theme “A day in the life”, my official bar-coded Moleskine sketchbook has arrived. And just as I began to panic about what my first sketch was going to be, the Chicago Air Show arrived and solved my problem. Here I have for you the Chicago darlings, our homeboys, US Navy fliers – the Blue Angels. Today, as every second weekend of August, they were doing a show on their FA18 Hornets, performing loops and dives over the Lake, flying at a “safe” 2 feet distance from each other after the unfortunate touch incident they had last year.

I also wanted to comment on the Moleskine Cahier sketchbook, the official sketchbook of the Sketchbook Project. The paper in the book is so thin that you can read a newspaper through it. While it is has a lovely buttery finish, the thinness rules out pretty much any wet media. Watercolor is out of the question, which is very disappointing. In fact a fellow artist, also a participant, tested a number of media on this paper and published results in her blog for our benefit – Moleskine Cahier test. I am going to have to get really creative with this paper.

Watercolor pencils (dry), Moleskine Cahier sketchbook

Carol King: Painting, Drawing, Complaining


6 thoughts on “Blue Angels

  1. Hey Alex. Great drawing of the Blue Angels. I love them!!! Thanks for the link to them, the shout-out and the link to the makin’ art blog. I wonder if I should take it apart and put watercolor paper in?

    I did think the paper was thin, but never realized HOW THIN it was until you said you could read newspaper through it. I checked and you can. Bummer!

    • I am thinking about replacing the pages with watercolor paper as well. I read several artists-participants have done it or are thinking of doing it. I also found one sketchbook on the Art Co-op site where the artist painted several sketches on watercolor paper, then cut and pasted images into the book. I also found another artist who did the same with oil canvas paper. I think I may go this route myself because I am not sure I want to bother rebinding. For now I may continue with dry media, I wanted to try Conte crayons for a while, perhaps now is the time. I can’t wait to see your sketches, hope you will post them on your blog.

    • Hi Richard! Thank you for your kind words! You know the Sketchbook Project 2011 is still open, you can participate if you like the idea. Just click on the Art Co-op link in the post and it will take you there. I (and 12 thousand other participants :D) think it is a tremendous fun.

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