Meet Barb!

Barb is a dear friend. She is beautiful, sincere, caring, intelligent, warm, generous, vivacious, hysterically funny, and has a gift of conversation like no-one else I know. Barb is also a psychic. I kid you not! Barb is a psychic entertainer extraordinaire. She and her company Barbara Meyers Psychic Entertainment are a feature on the Chicago party scene. Her stage name is Madame Zandra – imagine that! Barb will read your cards, your palm, and often just you, and will tell you how it is, no frills or sugar coating. Exceptional talent!

Barb’s portrait took me longer than planned two hours I am trying to limit my sketch portraits to. Perhaps I was worried about bad karma or Madame Zandra’s psychic wrath that I would call on my head if I don’t make her look beautiful. First I overdid the contrast, then I smoothed it over too much. I fretted over wrinkles, should I perhaps reduce them… I was wondering about lifting off a few pounds, so easy on paper… In the end I decided that Barb is gorgeous the way she is. Now let’s see if my ceiling will spring a leak in the next few days…

Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.


5 thoughts on “Barb

    • Barb wouldn’t, but what about Madame Zandra? 😀 😀 😀

      So pleased you are enjoying the portraits, Leslie! 5 drawings into the project I finally figured out my interpretation of the theme. The theme is “A day in the life”, I chose it because I thought it would give me the widest range of possibilities. Everything else was narrower. Now, a few weeks later, I am clear that I want to do quick sketch portraits. It is also clear that I am limited to dry media, the paper in the book cannot take anything wet. So I am thinking I will be taking some days of my life and drawing people and others I came in contact with on a given day. Sounds like an approach, would you think?

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