Dr. Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg

Meet Dr. Goldberg!

Dr. Arnold Goldberg is extremely distinguished. He is an MD. He is a Supervising and Training Analyst at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. He was a director of the said Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis for many years. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at Rush University Medical College, Chicago, IL. He is an author of Misunderstanding Freud, The Prisonhouse of Psychoanalysis, Being of Two Minds, Moral Stealth and author or editor of more than thirty other books and articles. He has more titles than you can shake a stick at … possibly too distinguished :D.

Here Dr. Goldberg hosts an outing for psychiatry residents he is currently teaching. My husband is in the program, and that’s how I got to be there. As many highly accomplished people Arnold is an easy and humble person, full of crackling self-depreciating jokes. At the outing he had us all in stitches with stories of his service in US Army. Captain Goldberg was a part the “Doctors Draft” and served as US Army psychiatrist in the late 50s, between the two wars.

I showed this portrait to my daughter, and here’s her reaction: “He is adorable! Too cute for words!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook


5 thoughts on “Dr. Goldberg

  1. another fabulous portrait for your sketchbook! You are knocking these out of the park!

    I agree with your daughter, that Dr. Goldberg is very cute. And he seems genuinely nice. I would tell him my problems. If he would listen. Let me just settle down in this chair……

    • You will be more comfortable on this couch, dear!… :D…

      I am so pleased with idea of drawing people (and others) for this theme. I just hope I will be able to come up with 40 people to fill the book. I can just see myself nagging neighbors and random strangers in a grocery store :). I also hope that by the end of the book my portrait skills would improve. One of the less comfortable parts of this project is that you can’t keep the book, actually a couple of artists I know decided against participating because they knew they couldn’t part with a filled book. I decided that while I can’t keep the book I will keep the skill I developed making it.

      My daughter has this amazing talent of coming up with “bull’s eye” reactions. I tested it many times, and it is always true. She is my litmus test, like that boy from “Emperor’s New Clothes” she cannot be fooled.

    • Huh?! I had no idea an opened mouth is supposed to be intimidating! Ignorance really is a bliss sometimes ;)! Too late to be intimidated now!!! My greatest interest in a portrait is the expression, I go for lively candid ones. A mouth is such a big part of it, second only to the eyes, and sometimes even surpassing the eyes in conveying the mood of the moment. Limiting the mouth to a closed position would be a total “kill-joy”.

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