Meet Peter!

I am continuing with the day of the outing at Dr. Goldberg’s. The first person we saw upon arrival was Peter. He was the Master of the Grill. Now, me and my husband, we are smart :D. We have over thirty years of education between the two of us :D. And if we learned anything really worthwhile through all these years and all these schools, it is who the most important person at an outing is. That’s the cook! So we stayed with Peter and tried to get into his good graces.

We learned that Peter has a Masters degree in Psychology, but decided that he likes feeding people better than mucking with their minds. Shows some good judgment! So 20 years ago he opened a meat and sausage store. He makes his own sausages and smokes and cures his own meats. For the outing Peter had for us freshly made Polish sausage and bratwursts grilled to perfection and lightly smoked chicken blackened on a grill. You should have been there…

Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook

In other important news…

Today, September 6, my little blog turns 1 year old. To be honest I am amazed that I kept on with it steadily for this long. I am also amazed with the wild statistics of it. As of this post

10599 times people viewed something on these pages!

655 comments were left!

93 different countries have visited and left their flag on my map!

52 times I made a piece of art and had something to say!

Also something that cannot be enumerated – my wonderful new friends whom I met in blogosphere during this year. Thank you all for your patience, kindness and friendship.

Happy Birthday, Pencil Scribbles!

Pencil Scribbles visitors


4 thoughts on “Peter

  1. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Pencil Scribbles! And many more.
    I’m happy to hear you survived your first year and were so successful.

    Your drawing of Peter is perfection! Although he does look a bit concerned, perhaps his bratwurst is burning on the grill? I am so happy to see your sketchbook progressing. You will have a fine body of work by the time you’re finished.

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes, Carol! I am not sure about successful, although having visitors is much nicer than the alternative :D. And I love to collect flags! My greatest success would be the people I met, such as yourself. I would be still wondering around Internet, cold and desolate, in a futile search for a sketchbook project if it weren’t for you!

  2. Hey! Has it been a year? Seemslike yesterday when I first found your blog and began commenting! Glad you have stuck it out. I think we all are learning an incredible amount from one another, here.
    Love the drawing of Peter. Looks as though you are going to log a lot of portrait info by doing these.

    • Yep, the whole round year! Thank you for being a friend for this long and I hope for much longer. You are right about the portraiture experience, that is the plan for this book. If I stick to it and draw as many as I am planning to draw, I would train myself to be rather proficient.

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