Meet Marcos!

Actually that would be Dr. Marcos Modiano Esquenazi! What a spectacular name! I met Marcos at Dr. Goldberg’s outing. He is a second year resident at Rush Hospital in Chicago specializing in psychiatry. Marcos is a comedian, you can probably tell from his visage. I will not retell his jokes here because this, with exception of some artful nudity, is a family rated blog. But I did laugh until my cheeks hurt.

However I will quote another one of my daughter’s precious reactions: “Who is this?! Is he single?!”

Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook


5 thoughts on “Marcos

  1. Love the hat and the glasses, Alex. I know.You are working from a photo, but the extras are always nice. I think anyone would enjoy paging through the world of faces you are creating in your sketchbook. You ROCK!

    • You rock yourself, missy :D! But thank you for the kind word! What do you mean by “extras”? Working from a photo indeed, but my main goal is likeness, expression and lately character. I have some idea what a person is about, who knows if I am correct at that or not, but I have started to try bring this idea to the portrait I am working on. It is an interesting exercise. In the case of Marcos his accessories seem to be important for the character.

  2. Dr. Marcos looks like he is full of life! Which is a good asset to have in a doctor I suppose! He looks like he was right in the middle of telling one of his jokes when you captured him.

    • I am very proud of this portrait. In the photo I took Marcos has a more quiet expression. I changed his mouth to be like that, giving an impression of telling a joke. It was an experiment, I never tried changing a reference to achieve an expression I wanted before. I am very pleased it worked.

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