Cousin Pat

Cousin Pat

Meet Cousin Pat!

That would be Patricia, actually, but she never uses her patrician name. Cousin Pat is Aunt Marie’s daughter, the oldest of her three children. So we have three cousins. I hope to introduce you to all of them, brace yourselves.

Cousin Pat understands animals. Horses and dogs are her best friends. As well as anybody who has fur, feathers or scales. If you, dear reader, have wings or hooves or a tail, you have it made with cousin Pat. Oh, cousin Pat tolerates humans as well, but I wonder if it is more like an afterthought with her. I am disappointed that she lives out of state, I think we could have been friends, even though I don’t have feathers or scales. I do have a proper mindset however.

It was very interesting to draw cousin Pat immediately after her mother’s portrait. The family resemblance was fantastically apparent. I could literally feel it in the lines and marks I was putting down.

#12 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook


4 thoughts on “Cousin Pat

  1. I totally see the resemblance ! I probably would have asked if they were related upon viewing these two recent portraits. Your skills are amazing, Alex. I can tell that you must be capturing likenesses as these look very real and also because you were able to capture my likeness. I think your dedication to this project, admirable.

    • Oh-ah… “dedication” is a Big word :)… I feel that perhaps OCD is more appropriate. Everybody tells me that I will not make it in time, that is certainly encouraging :(. I really appreciate your support. You and my husband are the two who have faith in me about this.

      As to skills, this is what this whole thing is to me – building portrait skills. I get a sense that I am getting better at it, but I still far from being fluent.

  2. I like the turn of the neck in Cousin Pat’s portrait. I like her hair, her herringbone blouse and her dark eyes.

    You are amazing at these and get better with each one.

    Your family must be so proud and when your sketchbook is finished you will have a wonderful album of family and friends.

    • I like how the family portraits shape out too. But then these people are so beautiful, it would be a shame not to draw or paint them. They haven’t seen the sketches yet, I have one more to do before I have all Aunt Marie’s children. Cousin Pat is has a wonderful interesting face, it shows how special she is. The turn of her neck caused some debate here, I find it graceful even if I exaggerated the turn a little. I got a comment that it is not quite correct anatomically. I see the something is indeed amiss in the anatomy, but am not sure what.

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