I drew this one pursuing two purposes at once. I wanted a self-portrait for an intro page of my Sketchbook Project. And Linda Halcomb announced her self-portrait non-challenge about the same time. Thank you, Linda!

For more of my Sketchbook pages click on the Sketchbook Project 2011 tab.

For more self-portraits of various artists click here and go to the comments section. Other artists, who participated, have left their links there.

19 thoughts on “Self

    • Thank you, Leslie. This is one was the first I did for the Sketchbook, not yet knowing at the time that it would become a book of portraits. That idea occurred to me later. So it was a fast sketch, under an hour, something to start the book with and also if someone would pick up my book to check the sketches they would have an idea who is the artist was. Linda’s challenge happened in about the same time… How lucky!

    • Thank you, Beth! I messed it up a bit, wouldn’t you know… After it was finished I decided to clean up the paper around the image. It was the first time I was working with this paper and didn’t realize how thin it was. My eraser created pleats on the page! I decided it is a learning experience :D.

    • Hey, I know you too :D! You are the lady in a crazy Peruvian hat :D! Yes, this is the intro page of the Sketchbook. I drew it a couple of weeks ago, but was saving it with a thought to post today for Linda’s challenge. I did show it on the Art House site.

  1. Alex,

    Lovely sketch. I recognized you immediately. You captured your lips and eyes just as I remember them. It is great to see your face again after all this time!


  2. You know how I feel about self-portraits! YES!

    Looking at this one and the last few, it seems like you’ve really developed a personal style for sketching. They’re distinctly not just any-old-sketches but have your particular feel to them that means anyone familiar with your art would recognize them as being by you, unsigned.

    • Cool compliment, Sam! Thank you! I was thinking on a topic of personal style, what is it and what does it mean. Can’t say that I came up with any earth shattering ideas on the subject, but it is a interesting concept to consider. It’s the very personalized marks an artist makes to come up with an image, as far as I can conceptualize. And these marks differ from person to person like fingerprints. There was a discussion on the topic of personal style on WC, many opinions, but not any clear conclusions. I would be interested in your thoughts.

  3. aloha Alex – cool on your “scribbles” – one scribble at a time. i like that process. i’ve found it to be the best way for me to work too. i like that you go after expression in your face. that’s a challenge definitely worth exploring. …and yeah, every work is a learning experience if we just stay open to it. cool.

    • Thank you, Rick! I love facial expressions, they are the thrill of portrait work IMO. And there are so many, no chance of exhausting the well. That will keep us all busy for a long time :).

    • Thank you, Ryan! I was looking at your blog as well hoping to see a self-portrait, but just learned this morning that there will be a delay. That’s OK, I’ll wait. But I am really interested in your solution, you always come up with original ideas.

    • Thank you, Linda! I think self-portrait is a very useful, but undervalued exercise for an artist. Every time we do one it is a milestone allowing us to evaluate where we are in our journey. Thank you for providing a springboard for this one. I certainly learned something about myself and my art.

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