Meet George!

George Sotos is a founder and a main instructor of The Drawing Workshop, a private art school in Chicago. I found the school by chance Googling drop-in life drawing sessions, came in one evening, talked to George and stayed. You know how sometimes, not too often, rarely in fact, you come across a teacher or a mentor and something clicks between the two of you, and you know he is special. That’s what happened between me and George. He is an amazing teacher, and what’s more important – he is the one I can learn from.

George has been teaching art for 30+ years. He was a part of Tree Studios in Chicago when it still existed, was a faculty of American Academy of Art for gazillion years, and then started his own art school. He developed a methodology of teaching artists to SEE, a unique program, something that I have never encountered anywhere else. George’s methods are not for the fainthearted. He reminds me of art teachers and masters of the old world – praise for the sake of encouragement is not in his tool box. What you get is an abandon of critique, merciless truths, endless corrections, and the clearest explanations along with the vision George has for each of his students. He wants to teach you. It’s priceless.

I am taking two classes with George: Basic Figure Drawing with live model and Developing Visual Vocabulary which consists of sculpting a human skeleton in clay, building it up bone by bone.

#15 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.


4 thoughts on “George

    • Thank you, Carol! George was an interesting subject to draw. He came out a lot more gentle in this portrait as compared to how he presents himself in class. I am wondering if I erred and brought my admiration of him into the drawing or perhaps my pencil caught the side of him that is less readily available in the studio situation. I’d like to think the latter, but have no way of judging that.

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