Meet Tinker Bell!

She goes by Allison these days, but this doesn’t change anything. If you are too grown up and as a result do not believe in fairies, you should come to my clay class in the Drawing Workshop and meet Allison in person. As is suitable for fairies, Allison makes puppets for theater productions and acts them. That’s her job. She is also very good with stilts, but this must be easy for those who can fly. She even has a website, One Flea Circus, where you can check out her puppets. A very 21st century fairy she is.

So if you driving streets of the Windy City late at night and while waiting for the light to change notice a girl flying by your driver’s window, her pants constructed entirely of colorful patches, red cape fluttering behind her, bicycle helmet on her head, remember the pixie dust and make a wish. It is never too late to believe in fairies.

#16 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.


4 thoughts on “Allison

    • I am so glad you liked this, Leslie! I am ambivalent about it myself. I like the image better in its original graphite form on paper. The scan ate some of the nuances and transitions and made it harsher. She has a much more delicate face really. But I did managed the pixie-like fairytale look in her, that makes me happy :)!

  1. I do believe, I do believe! Allison is beautiful. You’ve captured her pixie quality and she will be, I’m sure, thrilled at her portrait.

    You are getting better and better!

    How sad is this…since I got back from Peru I can’t even find my sketchbook….

    • Thank you, Carol! I am now worried about your sketchbook! It is probably in the place where you have already looked for a dozen of times. That’s where all lost things hide – in the most obvious place. I hope you will find it soon, I’d love to see more of your sketches.

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