By now it seems like everyone in my drawing class knows about my sketchbook project and a goal of 40 portraits. My classmates and even the teacher oblige me and let me photograph them for portraits, be that a bad hair day or not. Some with quiet resignation and a sigh, some with a smile and jokes about fame and Louvre, others informing me that they are making a great exception for the sake of Art. Be that what it may, people are helping me out and I appreciate that.

Arturo wasn’t all that thrilled about an impromptu photoshoot during a break between classes, but being a kind man and a true artist he felt obliged. Here he is studying figure sketches he has just done. They appear not to his liking… I find them to be pretty good.

#17 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.


6 thoughts on “Arturo

    • Thank you, Ryan! I think I am getting better at this, practice helps a lot, go figure! Quick portraits were extremely hard for me as well, this is exactly the reason why I started this series – to get experience and hopefully some fluency in portraiture. I am getting a feeling it is working!

      Cool idea that tagging with art! Beth is so lucky to get your piece. I am still unclear how do we get a mailing address for the person tagged, but I am sure it will clarify itself through the course of the game.

    • Thank you, Leslie! It is indeed a candid expression, I love it! I am a little worried about how Arturo himself would react. He is a handsome man, and I have more handsome shots of him, but this one was so alive I had to do it :D! Besides it had this unusual angle of the head – up and back while being 7/8 profile, I wanted to do this perspective as a learning exercise.

  1. I just love Arturo’s expression! And now that I know what he is looking at, I can envision what he is looking at and why he looks the way he does. I have that look on my face whenever I see something I’ve drawn or painted.

    You are doing a super job. Can’t wait to see the next portrait.

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