Meet Mary!

Mary is a new student in Kaye’s art studio, but her exuberant and fun personality makes it feel like she has always been there. Mary has been an artist her whole life and has taught art in grammar school for many years. She loves working with graphite, charcoal and pastels and is self-admittedly addicted to drawing giant heads – full sheet size. They are spectacular, and for me, who can fit a fully modeled detailed portrait into 5 inch square, are mind-boggling and worth a great deal of respect.

This portrait is also significant because with it I’ve reached a so important milestone of 20 – I am half done. It is all downhill from here.

#20 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.


4 thoughts on “Mary

  1. 20 portraits already!!!! And I can’t even find my sketchbook since I put it “someplace safe” when I left for Peru!

    Mary’s portrait makes me smile. I feel like she brightens the whole room when she walks in. You’re doing such a wonderful job with all these portraits. Can’t wait to see the next 20!

    • I am worried about your misplaced book! You are not dropping out of this project after you got me in, are you?! I hate these “safe someplaces”, they have a lot of stuff that I am missing…

      Mary is wonderful! And I am pleased with the portrait. Thank you for the kind word!

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