Meet Phyllis!

Phyllis is an artist, a painter and a student in Kaye’s art studio. Phyllis works in abstract style and mixed media. I want to take a moment here and really appreciate Phyllis and her art. Let me explain.

Every 8 or 10 studio sessions we have a discussion / peer review / critique session where we all hang our recent productions on walls and discuss them as a group. For the longest time I had next to nothing to say about Phyllis’ work. As an artist I gravitate to hyper realism; abstract art the farthest on a spectrum for me. At these group discussions I realized that I don’t even have the language, the vocabulary, to talk about abstract art. I had nothing to contribute except an occasional “I like this” or being quiet when I didn’t because I didn’t know how to express what it was I didn’t like.

Thanks to Phyllis and her art this is changing. As I look at her work, hear her thoughts on developing it, listen to Kaye’s suggestions to her I started acquiring some initial understanding and language in the area of abstract imagery. When I like something now, I have some ideas as to why I like it. Last time I even ventured forth with a suggestion on color.

Thank you, Phyllis! Working next to you is a pleasure!

#21 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.


8 thoughts on “Phyllis

    • Thanks, Rob! This praise from you means a lot. Perhaps one day we will get to compare notes about drawing a portrait series. You have a wonderful soulful and whimsical style in a portrait.

  1. Hi Phyllis! I would love to watch you work. Good abstract art is so much more difficult. I have only been capable of producing two that I have been satisfied with. The first was an accident that turned around thanks to the help of a friend who paints abstractly. The second took me twice as long to bring to completion than the other work I do.
    Alex…..this portrait is magnificent, really. You should be very pleased with the tones you achieved, here, not to mention creating hair that absolutely lives!

    • I never tried abstract myself, Leslie. I just can’t get my mind around it. Besides there is so much to do depicting reality, who has any time left for abstract :lol:?

      Thank you for the word on tones! I think I made another small step forward with this one. Hair in general still needs some figuring out. I got a decent handle on facial structure and skin so far, hair is the next problem to solve.

  2. Each of your portraits show not only the person’s face, but their personality. Phyllis looks happy and filled with life.

    You are soooooooooo good at this! And getting better and better if that’s possible.

    • Thank you, Linda! Phyllis is a lot fun! We have changed seating in the studio yet again, and now I am right next to her. We are usually heads down in our work most of the time, but once in a while, when we happen to come up for air, it is great to be able to share with her.

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