Meet Seferino!

Seferino Solis is a part of a construction crew that is working on replacing heat risers in our building. A few weeks ago I brought home some groceries, and as I dragged them to the elevator the elevator’s door started to close. Figures! But for a few moments I still could see the construction team and their equipment, and there in the far corner of the elevator – an aged Zorro. Of course, I had to have his face for the series. I set out on a quest to find him, but it was useless, it is a big building. I was riding elevators and climbing stairs, looking everywhere and listening for power tools – nothing.

So I found Tello. Always get Tello when you have a problem! Tello knew where they were, he took me into the basement and translated for me – Seferino and I have no language in common. Seferino was even more beautiful close than I briefly saw in the elevator. He was also very shy, not used to being treated as a model for art. He kept gesturing that I should take photos of the other young men of the team, and I did – be polite. But their young unlined and shiny faces stood no comparison to his – old and wise and lived in, probably having had a hard life. I can only imagine.

#26 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook


12 thoughts on “Seferino

    • You are bringing up a very interesting thought, Nicola! I don’t think I live in a very interesting place, it is your regular boring place. At least it was until I started this project and began looking for faces to draw. The more I looked – the more interesting people became. I also wonder if I actually have something to do with it, romanticizing my models and finessing their expressions.

    • I have 26 of 40 done so far. 14 to go. I can almost see the finish line :D! When I started this project back in August I did not realize how much work it would take. I do now, but it is too late to quit. I have to finish, or I will have this unfinished business hanging over me for a long time and I would hate that.

      Seferino was an awesome model, and sleuthing was actually fun! Happy Halloween to you too!

    • Now, this is very deep, Friedrich! Possibly too deep?! It sounds good though, like one of those hyper-intellectualized art critiques that nobody understands but pretends that they do and nods thoughtfully while stroking their chin. I’ll take this as a compliment – thank you! Happy Halloween! :mrgreen:

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