Meet Lina!

I only met Lina very recently, at SOFA. I went to the show with three specific goals in mind: to see Sami – definitely goal #1, to see new art, and to collect faces (portrait references) for my Sketchbook Project. I was still in a process of greeting everybody in the Mostly Glass gallery when I saw Lina at the exhibit opposite.

I waited a while until Lina had no visitors and then introduced myself and my request. Lina wasn’t sure. Usually when I see that, I back off and give people their space. But I wanted to draw Lina’s brilliant presence and abandon of red curls very badly, so I didn’t. I didn’t insist, but I wasn’t going away either. I chatted with her about where she is from – she was born in Egypt but lives in Israel, her art – she makes wonderful jewelry that I wish I could afford. Eventually Lina relented and agreed to be photographed. I knew she would, artists understand fellow artists. Thank you so much, Lina!

P.S. If you look at the photo of Sami and I in the post about Sami, you would see Lina in the background.

#32 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook


6 thoughts on “Lina

  1. You’ve done it again! A wonderful portrait that has captured the essence of the person. I went her website and read about her and saw all her wonderful jewelry (which I loved).

    I can’t wait to see your sketchbook when it’s all finally finished. How many more to go?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Carol! 8 more to go. Or perhaps 7 because I am thinking of using the last page for index. Or should I overlay the second page with Blue Angels on it with an index page? The blue planes, cute as they are, don’t really belong. What do you think? Help me decide, I am changing my mind about it every day.

    • I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Leslie! And thank you for your support and friendship! Lina’s hair gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice complex hair. I still haven’t figured out hair. Female hair when it is complex and/or abundant is still difficult for me. More practice will probably take care of that.

      This particular journey is turning into a home stretch. I am already thinking about what’s next. More portraits? Perhaps in color… perhaps from life… Don’t know yet.

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