Meet Henny!

My father pointed out to me that I have more men than women in my book. So I set out to look for women to draw. Where can I find a diverse group of women sympathetic to my cause? In the WomanMade Gallery, of course! The WomanMade Gallery was founded by Beate Minkowsky in 1992 to promote and support women artists. Once a month the gallery hosts an art group, called aptly Her Group, where women artists can get together, show and share their art, and talk. I even facilitated this group for about a year in 2002. That’s where I headed.

Just as I expected, my sisters in art showed me great support and understanding, I got an overarching permission to shoot away as much as I wanted. The meeting yielded a lot of good references.

Henny DuBois is an art photographer. She makes photo collages surrealistic in nature and exquisite in execution. Photographing a photographer is a challenge, I could see Henny calculating my shot – note the way she looks at me. In the split second before the shutter went off she had probably assessed light conditions, angles, shutter speed, aperture and depth and found them questionable. And I agree – the light, the staging, the quality of the camera, the photographer’s skills – all of that was far from optimal. But the expression was priceless.

#38 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook


11 thoughts on “Henny

  1. oh my, I think you outdid yourself with Henny. This, to me, is more than a portrait, it’s a symphony in pencil strokes. It sings. The hair, her face, her sweater, all the different shapes, shades and lines makes one interesting picture! Brava!

    • You liked it that much?! I am so pleased – thank you, Carol! And it was easy too, I never got stuck anywhere :). I was a bit worried about the sweater, a new texture for me. Just as I’ve become comfortable with draping and folds of t-shirts and blouses winter came, and people put on sweaters… So it was time to figure out different draping and texture. Henny is cool, I like her very much.

    • Thank you, Debra! Don’t you just love drawing and painting old people?! What wonderful and meaningful faces! Don’t worry about not having enough wrinkles yourself – unfortunately this problem will be fixed with time :D!

  2. Wow. Just wow. The detail,….just beautiful.
    But her expression- before I read your description I though to myself “hmm, what a calculating look” And here, you say that is probably exactly what she was doing!

    • Thank you, Karen! Sorry it took me so long to respond! We were having holidays :D, what about you? Drawing Henny was a lot of fun, somehow she came to life easily in spite of a lot of details. I love drawing old people!

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