Sketchbook in the mail

It is finished. Not another stage that is finished, but the entire book is completely, wholly, absolutely finished! And gone. In the mail to Art House Library, Brooklyn, NY.

Here are the front and back covers that I have just made:


And here’s my wonderful UPS man holding it:

I am exhilarated, sad and relieved. What a ride it was!


24 thoughts on “Sketchbook in the mail

  1. I’m sure you must be so happy to finally be finished, although maybe a little lost as well! I’ve got 8 and a 1/2 more to do and it will be a rush as i need to do the description page for each and glue them all in but hopefully i’ll get it done. Although i’ll be so glad to finish i think there’s also part of me worried i’ll not have anything to make me pick up a paintbrush and i’ll get lazy. Anyway, i better go get on with it! Congratulations!

    • Nicola, you are so right – I am happy to be done, and I miss the book and the great regimen of orderly drawing every day. And I am trying to figure out what is next for me. I want to mention to you that I was surprised, and not pleasantly, with how much finishing work there was in the end. Originally I thought once all drawings are complete it would take 4-5 days, a week max to finish. It took much longer! You may want to think about allowing more time in the end so that you are not stressed too much with the deadline of Jan.15.

    • Thank you so much, Carol! The UPS guys was pretty neat :). And now I may have to paint him for my next project. Yes, I have some ideas about the next project, but I want to be with it for a while before I announce what it is on the blog. Besides I will probably change my mind several times over before it is settled.

    • Thank you, Linda! I am very pleased to be finished, relieved actually. It has become a bit stressful towards the end, with the deadline looming. I am indeed proud to have completed the sketchbook, I have started several sketchbooks in the past, but this was the first full sketchbook I have ever finished. It is a great feeling :).

  2. WOW! I followed the internet trail of breadcrumbs from your comment on my book back here to your wonderful blog and I just want to say…WOW! I’m near speechless after seeing the level of detail and commitment you put into your book. 40 portraits! And no mere sketches either; these hyper-realistic renderings must have taken an incredible amount of time and effort! I applaud your accomplishment and am, frankly, a little embarrassed to even be in the same project as you! (I managed a paltry 17 pages and tore out the rest!)

    I hope you made high-resolution scans of these incredible drawings because they can (an should!) be exhibited beyond the Sketchbook Project itself. Just a fantastic job! Bravo!

    • Good to meet you, EscapeHatch! Your enthusiastic comment made me blush, thank you for the kind words! I don’t think that comparing books is a fair thing to do, and I wouldn’t put yours down because of the number finished pages or anything else. People approached their books with different goals in mind and achieved them to a degree they saw fit. I think everybody who played should be acknowledged because they stepped on the field and participated as opposed to being spectators. I used the project as a practice to get better in portraiture, so I pushed the limit on that. I learned a lot and am pleased with that. I also met a great number of great artists, like yourself, and that is an added bonus :). And yes, I made hi-res scans :D!

  3. Just fantastic, beautiful and great, at the same time!
    Mine is there too. It was a beautiful experience 🙂
    Congratulations for this amazing sketchbook Alex.

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