Orange and silver

Orange and silver

Another still life study in oil. I knew this little jug was good for something when I rescued it from a  dumpster all these years ago. It’s just I never could figure out for what until now. It makes a handsome still life prop!

6″ x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) oil on gessobord panel. To buy this painting click here.


8 thoughts on “Orange and silver

  1. Well, there seems that there was no learning curve for you with oils. This is a wonderful painting and very advanced already. I love how you captured the metal of the pitcher and spoon with all the reflections. The orange looks yummy and of course it vibrates on the blue tablecloth.

    Geez, is there nothing you can’t do? 🙂 You’re my idol.

    • I love compliments as much as the next person, any compliments, but yours are the best, Carol! Thank you! I was working on this little study in class, and in a couple of hours it suddenly came together! I was so surprised! Somehow the splotches of color that I was learning to mix directly on a painting surface combined themselves into a pitcher. It was sudden and unexpected. After that moment whatever I added to the painting started making it worse. When I realized that I stopped. My teacher walked behind and said “Oh, you are finished!” I am now curious about this moment of having a painting finished, how does it happen and how to catch it.

  2. I like everything about this, Alex. The choice of colors make the orange look yummy, but most of all I like how you were able to pick up the subtle reflections of color in the jug and still represent the jug’s real color strong and true. Admiring your work in oils!

    • Thank you, Leslie! I love how I can make my darks so easily in oils. It is always a struggle for me in watercolor. I am really in love with how dark I can go and strong contrasts I can make.

  3. Alex, I have been tied up with family issues recently and have missed ALOT! Both of your oil still lifes and your most recent portrait are incredibly well done. You inspire me to keep moving forward!

    • Thank you, Linda! I hope all is well on your family front. I think we all inspire each other in our little virtual village, our circle of blogging friends. The isolated work that used to be the way artists worked before seems to be eased up somewhat with this ability to communicate over the internet. Thank you for being there!

  4. Sorry that I haven’t visited for awhile, it’s been a little crazy, but I definitely haven’t forgot you. I love the blue that you used for this and the reflections and shadows are lovely. I have only painted a few oils, but you have inspired me to get back at it. Wonderful Still Life!

    • Oh, that’s no problem! No problem at all! There is just one thing I don’t understand – real life taking precedent over internet activities? Really?!?! Your priorities may need some adjustment :D!

      Thank you for finding time and coming to check my new adventures with oils. I would love to see your oils some day!

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