Granny Smith and Gala

Granny Smith and Gala

This one is from the series “Which does not belong?” And the answer is not obvious. If you are thinking Granny Smith because it’s the only green, think again. It is the Gala apple at the upper right that doesn’t belong. When my husband grabbed it from the setup and bit into it – it was mealy and untasty, and he complained. But what did he expect?! It was a prop after all!

I meant to work this still life Alla Prima, but was struggling with the texture for the apples – I wanted it smooth and shiny and didn’t know how to make it. I took it to my painting class in a half finished state so I could get some suggestions. Ed, my teacher, looked at it and said that first I must do the background all over and put really dark darks in the shadows because it would not be easy to add to it after smooth apples are painted. And he wanted me to work the background into the apple forms, so that later the apples would appear in front. So I worked the background most of the class time, and by the end it was really beautiful … and I nearly lost the apples, they were painted over . Sigh… I started trying to find my apples again, but the time ran out. At this point it would have been best to let the painting dry for a day or two, but I couldn’t wait. I took the painting home and spent another couple of hours and found my apples. Not quite Cézanne’s Still Life with Basket of Apples, but I am pleased with my efforts.

6″ x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) oil on gessobord panel. To buy this painting click here.


9 thoughts on “Granny Smith and Gala

    • Ha! I am glad you like Gala, Leslie, because I don’t. That is I don’t like to eat them, but they surely are beautiful to paint! Thank you for the comment!

  1. I like all your apples, and i’m so glad you found them again. The background is interesting. Almost a little metallic. So, have you abandoned watercolor altogether or are just trying out different media?

    • Metallic was not my intention – sigh… I am pleased you liked the apples though. No, I have not abandoned watercolor, I am working on two portraits at the moment. Will you stop to be my friend if I did? But I must admit I feel like a kid in a candy store: I can paint in OIL! I never thought I could, just the opposite – I always thought I couldn’t :D.

      • Not to worry about the metallic. Even if it wasn’t your intention sometimes the view will see what she wants to see. I think you can paint in any medium. I love your oils as much as your watercolors and yes, I will still be your friend no matter what medium you use. 🙂

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