Handle with Care

Handle with Care

A brand new clear jar from Whole Foods, an old brown bottle found on a construction site and a Murano glass vase from Venice – a delightful glass world. I must be part crow – I love glass! Now that I don’t weave with glass, I paint it, just can’t keep away from it. The play of light in glass enchants me.

6″ x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) oil on gessobord panel. To buy this painting click here.

On September 6 this blog Pencil Scribbles turned two years old! I briefly thought of doing a separate post about it, but it didn’t seem important enough for a dedicated post. But it does deserve a mention. During its two years

29 213 times people viewed something on these pages

1267 comments were left

115 different countries visited and left a flag on my map

106 times I made a piece of art or had something to say!

Here’s to you, my friends – old and new!


16 thoughts on “Handle with Care

    • Glad you liked the painting, Balaji! You have been visiting here quite regularly lately, I’d like to know you a bit better. Are you an artist? Do you have a blog or a website I can visit?

  1. Congratulations on a great two years, Alex. You are vey very good with glass. That Murano glass vase grabs my eye. I like that color very much and the rich warm browns, behind, are perfect to set this forward. Each one you paint is a new favorite for me!

    • Thank you, Leslie! Painting glass is addictive, I can see painting a lot of glass in my future. So pleased you like the painting.
      I am pleasantly surprised to have lasted 2 year in the blogging land. It started as trial and a bit of game, and turned out to be a vital part of my life, with all the friends I made doing it. Thank you for being one of them!
      Oh, and your favorite color – that pink of the vase – is Quinacridone Red (PV19), modulated with T. White, Cad. Yellow, Cad. Orange and Ultramarine for shadows.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday to your blog! I’m so happy to be a part of it for the last year or so.

    Your painting is beautiful. The light and reflections in all 3 pieces of glass are wonderful and amazing. You were really able to get the feeling of each one.

    • I hope the blog will not get into these terrible two’s now, Carol, having tantrums and teething. I’ll try to have a grip :)! Happy you liked the painting!
      It’s been quiet on your blog for a spell… Busy with real life?

  3. Beautiful work Alex, I haven’t visited for a long time. Sorry! I came expecting to see your lovely portraits and found some amazing still lifes. You’ve certainly encouraged me to get back to oils, something i’ve been thinking about. Thanks for visiting my sketchbook too. Promise I won’t stay away for so long

    • Oh, so good to see you visit, Debra! I bet your oils are going to be amazing, like anything you do. I loved your sketchbook, showed it to all my friends who came with me – page by page. Everyone was very impressed!

  4. I raise my glass to cheer our 2 year anniversary, I also started my blog September 13, the same year. Congratulations! And thank you for all the amazing art, conversation, and warm comments. This post is just 1 of so many beautiful pieces of art, that you have shared.

  5. Congratulations Alex. Your work has always impressed and inspired me. I love what you achieved here. I have only attempted to capture reflections in glass twice. VERY tough stuff…

    • Thank you, Linda! Painting glass is fascinates me. I found you have to approach it through shapes, just forget the object you are painting and paint each individual shape trying to match colors and values. It is almost abstract, but at one point it all comes together and makes up the glass object, miraculously :).

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