Sketching random objects


It is too dark to paint in the evenings… I gave up on painting in artificial light because when I look at what I painted in the morning the color temperature always needs to be corrected. So I thought of getting back into sketching during these long and dark winter evenings. I haven’t done any drawing, except drawing for a painting, since I finished The Sketchbook Project.

Just sketching – for the sake of the process – without being too attached to the result – is very satisfying. I keep my timing to an hour or less, and any piece of old junk is a perfect subject. I am trying different materials – micron pen, conte, pastels. I am thinking of getting a fountain pen, have always been curious about drawing with a fountain pen. If you have a favorite model – please share.


9 thoughts on “Sketching random objects

  1. sketching for the sake of sketching is very, very good. This coming from a person who knows she should be doing it, but doesn’t do it nearly enough. I like your objects that you selected to sketch.

  2. I recommend a Lamy Safari pen, they’re pretty inexpensive for a good fountain pen (~$20) and are great fun to write and draw with. I got one about 6 months ago and it hasn’t let me down… I’ve been meaning to post a review of it. I’d recommend a bottle of Noodler’s ink for any drawing pen, it’s lightfast and waterproof when dry. You don’t really even need the refillable cartridge, you can just use a small pipette or something to refill the one that comes with it when it’s empty.

      • I have the fine nib, it seems to be equivalent to a .05-.06mm ballpoint. You can flip it over and write with the wrong side for a finer line, it’s very versatile. I’ll probably get a broad nib at some point for wide lines. Even the fine nib burns through ink pretty rapidly though.

  3. This is great exercise for your drawing “muscles”. I need to do more. Last winter I spent the first two months of the year just drawing and doodling. I was very good for my art.

    • We all know what’s good for us… But actually doing it is a different story, I am sure you noticed LOL. I am going to try to keep this up, we’ll see how far I am going to get. Want to join me?

    • It is indeed amazing to realize how much more you SEE when you look. I’ve heard that often and did not fully understand what it meant until I experienced it for myself. For me a sculpting practice did the trick. And sketching practice helps to stay tuned. Thanks for your comment, Leslie!

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