Make Tea not War

Make Tea not War - SOLD

6″ x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) oil on gessobord panel.

I am a tea buff, as in tea aficionado, tea connoisseur, but otherwise known as a tea snob. In our little tea universe we study and admire tastes, aromas and colors. We understand tea terminology, geography and pedigree. We frown at shredded tea leaf or added flavors. We are purists who mail our precious tea leaves from their countries of origin. Among us tea bags are an insult and Lipton is a dirty word. You get the picture. I am not gone that far on this tea road, but far enough to bring my tea with me when I travel.

And of course we admire teaware. Teaware is an art form in itself, many collect teaware, which can run up astronomical prices for historical and rare pieces. I am not a collector, but I have a few teapots. Different teas require different pots to bring out full flavor.

This little painting is of my silver teapot from England. Not particularly old or historically significant, but it is pretty and I like it for Ceylons or Darjeelings. There is no deeper meaning here, I just wanted to paint a silver teapot. Check out the multiple reflections of the clementine! And because it is an simple painting I thought a line from Monty Python is particularly suited for the title.


15 thoughts on “Make Tea not War

  1. Wow – amazing. Not only the reflections, but how you got the texture of the teapot’s surface is incredible. And I love that there’s a tiny self-portrait of you there too! Love it Alex – my new favorite. ♥

    • Oh thanks, Karen! Funny that you actually saw the tiny reflection of me there, I smudged it to make it less obvious for it is not the point, but still… I am also pleased that you enjoyed the silver surface, interesting how much black, gray and green it takes to paint silver :).

  2. I know by now my comments are pretty repetitive but, oh my word, your work just blows me away! You take photorealism to a whole new level!

    As for tea, you wouldn’t be impressed with me as my tipple is fruit tea-not a fan of tea otherwise!

    • Hi, Nicola! Don’t be abashed in your taste in tea, different people like different things, who is to judge… So pleased you liked the painting! I certainty approve your taste in art, LOL!

    • Thanks, Karen! I happen to have a old coffee table topped with a dark mirror, my husband bought it in the 80’s, long before we met. It makes beautiful darkened reflections. If you are interested in an effect of this sort, you may look in second hand shops for a table or even just a darken mirror, I see them around as I check thrift stores for props.

  3. Well, well, well. Now you’re just showing off! 🙂 This is spectacular. I love the way the highlight on the teapot looks like a little explosion of fireworks and the highlights scatter on the teapot. The clementine looks luscious. I saw the reflection of you, too. I remember seeing it in another painting of yours. Maybe the sewing machine? Now I have to go back and look. I also like how the background goes from very dark on the left to a brownish on the right with the shadow of the teapot on the wall.

    I am NOT a tea snob and am enjoying a nice cup of Tetley tea (with milk) right now to help me stay awake at work. (Bureaucracy is boring.) Yes, yes, you are probably shaking your head in horror at my choice of beverage. Lipton, Tetley, Twinings. Bags with string. All the same to me. BTW, I’m not a coffee snob either. I AM a chocolate snob.

    Maybe some day you can make me a nice cup of tea. Teach me a thing or two. 🙂

    • I am NOT showing off, LOL. I wasn’t even sure this painting would come out, it took a long time to actualize. You know, as an artist yourself, how you do your best, working the painting to your best ability, vision and understanding… but in the end it is often a matter of a little luck whether a painting would come out special or just well executed. This one came out special, and I am grateful to… who is the artists’ patron saint? I forget…

      Tetley tea is just fine! You like it, and that means it does its job. Who am I to decide what is proper to like. When I come to visit I will be happy with whatever tea you offer, I promise. But I will probably describe to you how tea bags are made… :D.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Leslie! I hope to get better still… with more practice. A fellow artists asked me recently about where I am thinking of going from here, these painted images looking so real to her. I actually want to go to hyperrealism, to make my images more real than real :D.

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