Rover and Bessie

Rover and Bessie - oil on gessobord - 6"x6"

Remember Beanie Babies?

Oh, the 90’s… Shelly was perhaps in the first grade when Beanie Babies became all the rage. We succumbed – they were so cute. Irresistible, really. And their names were so clever, like Speedy – the turtle :). We collected them for several years, and now we have a box full. A few have peanut butter or other food smears on them, some are dirty from being loved too much, but all are still perfect props, wonderfully colorful and posable. Here, for you, are Rover the dachshund and Bessie the cow – a dear memory of my daughter being little.

In other news:

I will be going on my yearly trip to Israel to be with my parents. I am leaving in 2 days and will be staying there for a month, back in April. So, if I don’t have a good way to scan/photograph images while on the trip – there will be no posts until I return. Or perhaps technology will oblige, and I will post sketches and paintings. I do plan to paint, am bringing two panels with just prime and drawings on them. And I plan to sketch a lot. In fact, I connected with Urban Sketchers Israel and hope to do a sketchcrawl with them if logistics cooperate.

Shalom, darlings! 😀




18 thoughts on “Rover and Bessie

  1. Shelly, maybe your mom was playing with them when you weren’t looking?

    Hi Alex, I remember Beanie babies. I have a rottweiler one which I love. You did a beautiful job with them here. Rover and Bessie are adorable. You’ve gotten the plushness of them perfectly.

    Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to posts from Israel. Shalom.

  2. How soft & cuddly, and yes, very ’90s. Cool painting!
    You are in Israel by now, and I hope you have a wonderful time. Also hoping for some painting/drawing posts while you’re away (or at least some pictures you’d be willing to let us “steal” for landscape/people paintings, hint-hint…)
    🙂 Enjoy your time abroad Alex!

  3. Boy, do I ever remember Beanie Babies! My daughter had them, my sisters’ daughters collected them and there was always a new one! I still have my Stellaluna bat in brown and Tye-dye that I was gifted along the way. What a challenge. I have tried painting a doll and stuffed animals. Thay are hard!!!!!! Good job, Alex! Have a great time on your visit home. 🙂

  4. I of course was looking for the painting that accompanied the picture of Beanie Babies which you posted on your blog …

  5. Alex, have a wonderful trip and sketch lots! I’ve been having fun perusing your blog – thanks so much for bein one of the first to stop by my newly revived blog.

    • I am already back, Casey. Did have a great trip, met with Marina Grechanik of Urban Sketchers Israel, sketched with her and on my own. Good stuff! Great to find your blog revived, I missed your sketches and drawings. Hope all is well with you!

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