8″ x 8″ (20 x 20 cm) oil on gessobord panel


It’s been almost three months since my last oil painting. There are several reasons why. I’ve been away, and painting not in my own studio is slow somehow. I’ve been organizing the Chicago chapter of Urban Sketchers, and that took time and effort. But the real reason it took this long is that my subject was so damn hard! I can’t believe I actually got it to the end! It would be a while before I paint crumpled paper again :).


15 thoughts on “Unwrapping

  1. Oh my word Alex. This is simpy incredible. I genuinely can’t think of enough adjectives to describe how fantastic your work is!

  2. I admire your work so much! I was trying to figure out how you get such beautiful detail and variety of color in such small paintings so I was happy to read your recent post about your process. It was good to read about all the preparatory work, the emotional content behind the painting, the many layers, and the small and smaller brushes. There’s a lot of work, experience, practice and study, behind the the success of your art. And it shows!!!

    • It feels so strange to get the word “admire” from you, Jana. I’ve been admiring your work for ages, I wanted to be like you when I grow up. Your comment here really means a lot to me. I am glad you found something useful in my posts, that makes it even more special. Thank you! The “process” you read about has changed somewhat by now, always evolving and trying something new :).

  3. Hi Alex, Wow, this one is a beauty. I love the reflections on the metallic vase and all the crinkles in the paper. It makes me feel like I just opened a gift! I am not surprised it took you a long time and I must give you credit for your patience. Beautiful work.

    And I’m glad you started the Urban Sketchers Chicago, I love looking at those sketches too.

  4. It is sold now, and the new owner is happy, and therefor I am happy, and with it gone I am now thinking about painting crinkled paper again. I was sure that I will not want to so soon, but it was fun :). Thank you for the comment, Carol! It took me forever to reply, sorry about that.

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