Waiting for Adam

Waiting for Adam

8″ x 10″ (20 x 25 cm) oil on gessobord panel


Just apples to try a different technique. And a tongue in a cheek joke as an afterthought. Coming up with a title was harder than painting it. As sure as god made little apples… an apple a day… All of this was so trite that I was very tempted to title this Untitled. Every self respecting artist has something called Untitled. But then my husband came up with A Garden of Eve, and I loved it, and of course took it a step further.


12 thoughts on “Waiting for Adam

  1. Wow! What more can I say. You know how much your photo realist art blows me away. I totally agree with you about the title-I wrack my brains for ages then usually end up with a pun of some sort!

    • Thanks, Nicola! Interesting how some paintings are practically naming themselves, the title is obvious and set from the early stages. While others are stubborn and do not want to be named.

  2. those are some luscious looking apples! I always enjoy the light in your paintings, the bright highlights on the object(s) and your reflections. And I laughed at the title. Very good!

  3. Ha! Your paintings are always superb, Alex! …but the title makes this painting perfection! I will not forget this image and I can almost “see” that first bite! Excellent.

    • Really had fun with this one, Leslie! And the title would not have happened without Lou, who came up with the idea of Eve and Eden. Thank you for the comment! I am sorry it took me so long to respond. I am trying a new marketing idea, and spend less time on my blog lately.

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