Every day in August – more sketches

The next 6 sketches for the wonderful Sketchpack Project 2013 out of Capetown, South Africa. The first 6 can be seen here – Every Day in August.

We have a Facebook group for members of this project where we post our daily sketches and chat away about sketches and everything else. It is quite amazing to say this – but I seem to have a few new friends in Capetown and Johannesburg area. Some even invited me to visit – an amazing feat considering the distance – 8494 miles  – and amount of jet fuel needed to get there from Chicago. But you never know… if there is a will – there is a way!


15 thoughts on “Every day in August – more sketches

  1. Alex, you’re participation on this project has been an inspiration to us all through your sharing of knowledge, adventurous spirit and sense of humour, and of-course those marvelous little sketches! (Y)

    • What a wonderful thoughtful comment, Anne! I am so lucky to have met you though various endeavors we do together. Bless the internet age where distance stopped being a barrier to friendship.

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