Every day in August – the last sketches

So many things were happening in the last weeks that I nearly forgot I had a few more sketches from Every Day in August project! These are from around my neighborhood – Edgewater.

The little red tractor-beachcomber is busy combing our beach every morning along with two others – one blue and one green. It makes a nice summery buzz-buzz-clankedy-clunk noise to wake up to.

Our beach looks just like Miami with these ultramarine umbrellas. We call this area Michigan Riviera in summer. You don’t want to know what I call it in winter.

In Chicago we only get two seasons – Winter and Construction. It is Construction now, I had a choice of three different backhoes within 2 blocks of my building.

And then the project came to an end. Here’s the whole concertina pack – 31 sketches – just before it got into the mail to go to Cape Town. I already heard from South Africa that it arrived (whew!) and is being installed in the exhibition.

Everyday in August 2013 - finished

The earlier sketches can be seen under these links:

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– alexandrazonis.com

– Every day in August – 4th installment


8 thoughts on “Every day in August – the last sketches

    • LOL! Glad you liked my humor! I am so envious of Carol and another friend of mine Barbara who are naturally and effortlessly funny! I try, but it doesn’t always work LOL. I do have moments on occasion :)!

  1. Winter and Construction! I got a good chuckle from that one. Nice that you have a view of the water! I’m assuming those arrows were pointing to your apartment?

    I also like your concertina book of sketches. The ones in this post are fab!

    • Carol, Di Metcalf of Artsource run this project every August for 5 years now. Somehow I enjoyed this one more than the Brooklyn one. I think it’s because it was smaller and less involved and I loved the people – my sketching buddies. If you’d like, join us in August 2014. I think I will be doing this again!

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