A portrait for a birthday

I have not drawn a graphite portrait in some time, and so was very pleased when a far away friend wanted a portrait of his sister for her birthday. He wanted it to include it in the movie he was making as a birthday present for her. What a thoughtful thing to do!

Anyway, here’s the portrait

Esther 9-14-2014 lo-res medium

I forgot how pleasant it is draw in graphite and how relaxing – just values, no color.

The bottom line – I want a brother like that!!


4 thoughts on “A portrait for a birthday

    • Thank you, Jana! Good to see your comment! I need to send you an email :). As soon as my construction is over, as I am going a little insane here try to work and teach while remodeling is going on :D.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, 7891samoth! The drawing itself is just over 6″ tall and about 6″ across the shoulders – I just measured for you. It is situated on 9×12″ Stonehenge paper. I didn’t time myself, but it feels like it took me about 4-5 hours over a couple of days.

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