Adagio for Three Strings

Adagio for Three Strings

Adagio for Three Strings

12″x9″ (30×23 cm) – oil on aluminum panel

More often than not these paper paintings take longer than I anticipate. Or hope! I think this one took two months. But I am not entirely sure, and am afraid to investigate. What if it took 3 months? Regardless, it is now complete and drying.

There are are couple of things to mention about this painting. This is my first try working on Dibond surface. Dibond is a two ply aluminum panel used for signs. It can be gessoed and used as painting subtract. I really like it and hope to use it for most of my work. It is smoother and less absorbent than Gessobord. Lovely surface!

I took the level of complexity up a notch with this painting. Crinkled music paper is great fun to paint! My gallery will be happy, I hope :). He loves complexity!

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6 thoughts on “Adagio for Three Strings

  1. Oh Alex, this is just wonderful! Not only is it a masterful painting and composition but I love the “backstory” that I connoted and that made me chuckle: “frustrated composer or musician trying to write or play a piece of music and getting so frustrated they crumple and tear up the sheet music and plop their instrument down in the middle of it.” And then it becomes a beautiful still life for another artist to paint! I imagine you like me have had some similar moments of wanting to tear up a canvas and throw your brushes at it! Thanks for the inspiration and the smile! Was it just me or did you think of that story too?

  2. My goodness Alex, you just keep topping yourself! Love that you are not only adhering to classical Flemmish technique – which is well-worth practicing and preserving – you are also experimenting, playing, branching out. What a marvelous artist you are and what a pleasure to see your most recent – keep em coming! ♥

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