6″x6″ (15×15 cm) – oil on gessobord

First painting in 2015 – Spintop. It is also the last installment for Unwrapping exhibit that will be opening in Mostly Glass gallery this weekend. I am happy and a little scared. Wish me luck!

Many people ask me ask me how long this style of painting takes? I usually tell them – long. It takes a long time, several weeks. A couple or three months if a painting is larger. But how long is long exactly?!

I decided to time myself and find out. So I painted with a stop watch for several weeks, and now can report to you that this 6″x6″ painting took me 52 hours: 7 hours for composition, prep work and drawing, and 45 hours of painting. I started composition work on November 29 and signed the painting on January 27 – almost two months, but holidays got in the midst and there were literally a couple of weeks that I did not paint at all.

from Alex Zonis art » Blog http://ift.tt/1yKv2ts

2 thoughts on “Spintop

  1. This one made me smile since I remember these. You did such a wonderful job I can almost feel the way the metal feel. It is beautiful and I can understand easily how it took so long to paint. Good luck with the show!

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