Sketchbook Project 2011


31 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2011

    • Good to meet you, Paul! So glad you posted that thread on WC! I have added your group-blog to my reader as well to keep up with you. Unfortunately the community portion of the Art Co-op website is not very convenient for communicating (pun intended :D!) Their project ideas are brilliant though!

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    • People have asked me this question before, Casey. I do have a mild feeling of regret about sending it off. But at the same time if I keep the book it would go on a shelf to sit there unknown with no-one to look at these wonderful people. If I send it out into the world, there is a chance someone will look at it and perhaps even enjoy it. While I can do more portraits with the knowledge that I accumulated from doing this. So far this thought is winning, and I am still on target to send the book out.

      • Excellent work! I had the “make mine a double” theme and set a limit of two minutes to sketch out the idea (inception and production) it was hard, but worth it. You are a wonderful artist, keep producing for the world. 🙂

        • Thank you, Gregory! I loved “make mine a double” myself 🙂 – an excellent and quirky theme, I almost chose it myself, but in the end decided on a broader one because I didn’t have an idea what to do with my book yet and wanted a broader option. “Boys and Girls” is a much better fitting one for me, don’t know I didn’t go for it at the time, perhaps it wasn’t available then. It is good that the “theme” police was fired before the start of the project :).

  2. I absolutely ADORE your sketches and these people look so incredibly interesting.

    I’m absolutely amazed at how “drawn in” to each face, that presence they have.

    I just finished my sketchbook and send it off with minutes to spare before the deadline and completely understand what you said about being torn on sending it or not and I loved your explanation on why you did…summed it up perfectly.

    Thanks so much for sharing these incredible people with us!

    • Thank you so much, Fishstikks! What a clever net-name you have :)! Glad you stopped by and left the trail of your blog address. I followed and enjoyed your wonderful illustrations. I am thinking about Sketchbook 2012, not sure yet… Are you going to play?

  3. Wonderful, detailed sketches and they all have such character. You should be very proud of your Sketchbook. If I am ever in New York … I will drop by and look for it.
    When I participated in the 2010 Sketchbook project I felt very torn and sad to see my sketchbook go, so I approached this years with a different frame of mind!!

  4. Alex , what a great project. Your portraits are full of humanity and enjoyment of life.

    It`s such a great idea, drawing the people whi si near you at some moment of your life.

    Congratulations, Alex.


    • I am behind responding to comments, Debbie. That was quite a project, I worked very intensely for 5 months. The result was very worth it for me, and I appreciate your positive reaction – it echoes me feelings. Yet, I am sitting out this year’s project – the 2012 – need a break.

  5. Hello Alex,

    I love the portrait you did of my mom (Henny DuBois). It’s funny, but I actually am friends with Tim W also, and they are next to each other in your sketchbook! Crazy!

    Thanks for displaying your incredible drawings!

    Alice DuBois

    • Thanks, Alice! Glad you liked it. Your mother’s portrait is one of my favorites from the whole book. Of course it helps that she is such a great looking old dame! It is crazy that you know Tim. I actually just barely know him, I only met him two times at a drawing workshop. I am going to send you a note and ask for his email, if possible. Thanks again for stopping by here and leaving a comment.

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