4 thoughts on “Urban Sketches

  1. I am interested in sketching with this group, but do not understand how to find out how to join or where and when they meet. I found Apr. 19th at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, but I don’t see the time for it. Perhaps I missed it . I saw your name everywhere and hate to bother you. Sylvia Ramsay

    • Hi Sylvia! No bother at all! So glad you left this comment 🙂 !! Good thinking!

      Tomorrow Apr 19 we meet by the Lincoln Park Conservatory at 12 noon. All our meets in the last two years were at 12 noon. I hope you can join us! You will recognize us because we will have sketchbooks in our hands!

      To become a member of USk Chicago please join our Facebook group Urban Sketchers Chicago here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/UrbanSketchersChicago/. This is where all the fun happens 🙂 – events, discussions, sharing of sketches.

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