It was a beautiful Monday morning. The sky was blue, the air – cool, the lake – turquoise… It could as well be a dark and stormy night, because it was on that beautiful morning my husband’s laptop decided that it is time change careers… to that of a boat anchor. It was dead, it wouldn’t boot. We attempted resuscitation. Short of mouth-to-mouth we did everything we could. We actually persuaded it to boot up, but it was not convinced. It was thinking deeply and meaningfully about each key stroke and seriously considering checking out again. It was time for a computer doctor.

Enter Jeff. Jeff is an ER doctor in a computer clinic PC Solutions. Our nearly comatose laptop got admitted, assessed and diagnosed. It needed an organ transplant, a hard drive. Luckily a new hard drive was available without a waiting list, and Jeff skillfully performed the surgery. No recovery time, no heavy drugs – our laptop got a second life and is happily zooming along. Jeff is a hero!

Here Jeff is advising me that no further upgrades or parts would be needed, everything should be working fine.

Graphite, watercolor pencils, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook

11 thoughts on “Jeff

  1. Oh! I hope we have a “Jeff” somewhere near here if this ever happens to me! And some color this time! This is a fantastic entry just because you totally captured the moment! Fantastic drawing.

    • I wish you to not need an ER computer doctor, ever! Needing a computer doctor is not what I would call fun :(. I had to bring some color in because Jeff has this amazing French ultramarine hair color that is faded to cobalt/viridian mix at his temples. I had to show it off in some way 🙂

  2. Whew! Thank goodness your husband’s laptop was saved!!!! Love the drawing of Jeff. Did you do this while he was talking to you or did you take a photo of him and work from the reference? His eyes are amazing. You are so good at this!!!!

    I better get working on my sketchbook. I’ll be sending it in with blank pages.

    • You better get to work on your book, girl! The time is flying, I can almost smell snow in the air! Oh, well… maybe it is wishful thinking – it is 94*F outside and feels like soup.

      No, I did not draw this while he was talking. This drawing took somewhere between 2 and 3 hours, who has this kind of time to sit… I explained my project and asked Jeff for a permission to take a few shots of him while he worked. He was very gracious about it.

    • I am planning to send it to Jeff, definitely. That was a part of the agreement. I just hope he likes it well enough because I happen to know this one young lady whose computer is in a dire need of repair :D.

    • Good to see you visit, cosmic arcata! Thank you for the comment! I went to see your blog too, lots of interesting articles – great art and great reading! I have found a fantastic link on your blog too – how to find people on Art House site. It seems to be a secret on the site itself. Thank you for that!

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